The reviews that make Bamboo Pillows a Favorite to Other Pillows

If you’ve heard of the famous bamboo pillow, then you might have heard of the satisfying sleep customers have gotten from its amazing bamboo fabric. Bamboo pillows have been trending over the years now for its natural organic materials. It’s also been reviewed by customers that after one night of sleeping with a bamboo pillow, their allergies have disappeared, granting them the ability to smell even clear than before due to the pillow’s ability to cleanse traces of dust mites and allergens.

Based on the bamboo pillow reviews, many customers can agree on the fact that bamboo pillows are amazingly soft yet sturdy at the same time, which allows for better and comfortable support while they sleep. It is also cheaper and affordable than a memory foam pillow. Some customers even go to the extent of comparing their previous memory foam pillow to their best bamboo pillow as the best investment they’ve had since switching pillows due to bamboo pillows amazing ability to reduce heat absorption from body heat, preventing you from further tossing and turning at night before flipping over your pillow to the colder side.

Some were surprised at the size of the pillow when they were taken out of the package. However, one of the downsides of buying a bamboo pillow is the chemical odor that comes from it for the first few days. Some customers have followed up their review with an advice to throw the new pillows into a dryer with a drying sheet. That way, the pillows will be fluffier and odor free without needing to wash the odor away. But if you don’t have a drier, washing it may be a good option as well. But, if you do, drying for these pillows will take longer than usual as they will need to dry up completely to prevent any mold from growing through the foam shreddings.