Some of the Things in the Harry Potter Series that Need Further Explanations

Are you an avid fan of the Harry Potter series? Yes, we all know that the last sequel happened a decade ago but still this series is talked about until now. In fact, you will find that the entries in the net about this are just recent.

You might think you already know everything about the Harry Potter series as maybe you also have their books but you will think otherwise after reading some of the things below that should be explained more. Check this out:

The first thing to wonder is how the kids deal with their education before they get the letter from Hogwarts. Knowing they cannot easily mingle with other normal kids, you will really wonder about this. It is not as if they were not educated as that is out of the question. Though the most logical explanation is that they were home schooled, still you can’t find any links about this.

Are wizards knowledgeable about math? Come to think of it, while normal kids know how important the subject math is to their lives, the wizards seem to think otherwise. As a matter of fact, this is not even noted in their school so it is just assumed that they are just taught with the basic math along with the other subjects.

The number of wizards in their world is also a vague topic. This is also unexplained for that matter.

So if you think you know everything about this series, think again as there are a number of things that can never be explained even if you watch the film over and over again.

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