Downloading World of WarCraft and Its Expansion Packs

Although it’s an excellent idea to purchase World of WarCraft along with its two expansion packs due to their terrific box art and collectors’ value, new players may optionally locate a wow download place where a payment has to be created and the link is disclosed.

The very best and handiest wow download location are available at Blizzard’s Store site. This includes the complete client required to play the entire version and the ones that love the game can go on and buy an immediate online update also found from the Blizzard Store site and get their own unique 26 key digit code that’s necessary for one account creation. The update covers the first month of game play and achievement months will need to be paid in their account information page.

Expansion packs can be updated the same way and both have 10-day trials as well provided that the original client is set up. Each expansion also has different authentication keys that are used for account updating. Their corresponding customer packs are downloaded the same way.

The wow download may also be found at the Direct2Drive site – a website that sends full version games digitally without needing discs or shipping to be sent. Players wanting to pay via PayPal will get this option convenient. Players may then update to the expansion packs out of there using their account info.

FilePlanet serves as an alternate wow download place for the free trial. Use this if you have problems with the one from the Blizzard servers.

The original wow download is more than two GB, thus a fast internet connection is needed otherwise the game client can take a few days to download. The expansion packs add to the size so make sure your internet connection can handle it before you purchase the direct online alternative. Those with slower connections are much better off getting the box as it includes the DVD, box, and manual. However, both options are the same concerning game play so select the most convenient method in receiving your copy of World of WarCraft world of warcraft private server and the expansion packs.