Components of a garage door

A garage door comprises of many parts and specific components design to attain a maximum level of usability for homeowners. Calling up any company that offers garage door repair such as Garage Door Repair Lincoln NE can allow homeowners to gain a stronger understanding of garage doors, their components, how to best maintain them as well as when to replace them with a new one.


Sections are panels usually made of steel and reinforced with stiles connected closely with rollers and hinge. Sections can be an alternative to replacing garage doors with new ones.

Bottom fixtures

Bottom fixtures are structural supports located at the bottom portion of a garage door that can also be used hand in hand as attachments of cables for lifting.

Cable drums

Cable drums are drums that have grooves on the spring shaft that allows for lifting cables to the wind when the garage doors are opening.

Extension springs

As the name suggests, extension springs extend along horizontal tracks to help the process of lowering and raising a garage door. Springs are the primary factor when garage doors face difficulty in opening. Trained professional should consultant as they are able to fix an issue with springs. Springs are known to be the most dangerous parts of a garage door, hence, they should not be tampered with by homeowners without certifications.


Tracks help guides the section of a garage door when lowered or raised. Garage door tracks are on both sides and often known to belong to two types, horizontal tracks, and vertical tracks.

Top fixtures

Top fixtures are similar to bottom fixtures in a sense that they are structural supports located at the top of a garage door that provide for attachments of lifting cables.


Hinges aid by providing support to sections of garage doors by attaching to them. Hinges allow garage doors to roll up and down.